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Mission Statement

To help people of all ages and abilities Express themselves Creatively through Electronic Music by offering good customer care.

JOSEPH ROBERTS started out a D.J Mixing having a jingle on the Radio 1 "Big Beat Show" working with a reel to reel to compile hip hop mixes started his own successful studio and in 1992 released his first 12" Record.He pioneered Dance music locally and has recently finished his Album all done on a laptop due to the rapid advance in computing from when he started in 1986 on creator and an Atari ST. Having an ecclectic taste in music he enjoy's everything from rock to rap.

What you will learn?

A Laptop with Logic Pro software runningIt's hard to make a more complete system for Music and Audio Production than Logic Pro. A full working Studio for:Multitrack Recording and Editing:Virtual Instruments and Effects.

We will take you from the beginning of your project right through to the delivery of your final Production master.

We will guide you through the elements that are needed to create and produce a professional sounding result and polished C.D.

All you will need to make great music!